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Adolphe Sylvain

After five years of war in Marshall Leclerc's 2nd Armored division, he discovered Tahiti, for him a paradise. Once found, he never stopped extolling Tahiti's viryues with his guitar, his motion picture camera and his still camera. After Bougainville and Gauguin, he merits recognition for having known to embellish so admirably the myth of Tahiti and her islands.

Teva Sylvain

Born in Tahiti in 1954, he continues tirelessly the work of his father through the publishing house he directs. Surrounded by talented collaborators, he has the ambition to promote the tourist industry of these islands of the immense Pacific Ocean. Vaea Sylvain

Vaea's feeling ...
A pretty tahitian woman, always young, a talentuous artist painter.
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Daniel Pardon

Having first arrived in Tahiti in 1984, he is the editor-in-chief of French Polynesia's most popular daily newspaper, "La Dépêche de Tahiti". Henri Pouliquen initiated him to the pleasures of scuba diving. Happy as a fish in the water, he invites us to share his passion in producing on Tahiti quantities of underwater photographs each one seemingly more beautiful than the others.

Henri Pouliquen

An expert in the field of scuba diving, he speaks of his subject with the seriousness imposed by his competence, at the same time displaying an engaging manner that evokes the admiration of everyone. He founded an extraordinary diving school for children in Punaauia, has presided over every aspect of this sport. He excels in underwater photography.

Philippe Bacchet

Philippe Bacchet, born in Antibes, France, in 1960, is a master of his demanding occupation of electronics technician. While on a tour around the world in 1982, he discovered Tahiti, and it was like a bolt of lightning. Deeply interested in nature and, more particularly, in the under sea world, he has sailed throughout the islands of Polynesia. While so doing, he glorified then all with his camera, his savoir faire, his observing eye and his rogor as composition technician.

Werner Bringold

Born in Basle, Switzerland, Werner Bringold is a man of the sea. While still a quite young, he discovered the islands of the Southern Seas aboard a number of cargo ships flying various flags. He sailed as master on several ships. He was to be found in Darwin, Noumea, in Papua New Guinea... In Wallis in 1971, he married his wife, Savelina. Their marriage has been blessed with three delightful daughters. Photography is another of his passions that he satisfies superbly in the pages of a local daily newspaper, "Les Nouvelles de Tahiti", that has benefited from his talent for many years.