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Bora Bora Souvenir  52 minutes, the documentary is about the island of Bora Bora and consists of the island's ancient history, polynesian migrations and the pacific island's colonisation by polynesians. Recent history featuring  the american military presence on the island during World war 2. Bora Bora today, with it's thriving tourist industry that is driving force in beautifull island's economy.
Moorea Souvenir  Geography, geology, the legend of Hiro, the interior lagoon, petroglyphs, Opunohu valley, the history of tourism, pineaple plantations, farming, the airport, the ferries, driving, fishing, tattoing by Chime,  Teiki Pambrum's lagonarium at "Motu Ahi", are some of the themes of this film directed by Teva SYLVAIN.
Moorea and Venus  In June 1769, Captain James Cook, who was to become one of the greatest navigators of all time, gave orders to his first officer Banks, Mr Sporing and the doctor Monkhouse to set up a second view point  at "Motu Irioa" on the island of Moorea in order to observe the eclipse of Venusas the planet slipped across the disk of the sun.
Girsl of the south seas  Video film showing some of the most beautifull girls of the moment, on the occasion of the realisation of the photos wich illustrate Teva's SYLVAIN "Girls of south seas" calendars collection.


Short footage  You will discover here a sequence of short footage showing lifestyles, polynesians traditions and activities through the island of Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora.
VIDEO CLIP  Come and dance under the rhythm of polynesian music! Here you will be able to listen to young singers of tahitian music thus the pioneer of the domauin.
The mythe of the girl from the south seas  Teva SYLVAIN, in the context of the reports of the Vaimoanatea dugout produced a experimental project whose title is: "The myth of the girl from the south seas...", a myth, a sweet dream or a reality?


Polynesian Karaoke  Have fun here with our Karaoke songs of Ohotua Rataro and Laurent Degache. You will fint too the song "Umete" sponsored by the S.E.P (Polynesian Environnement Society) wich goal is to make people  sensitive to polynesian environment protection.


Advertisements  These are a few advertisments concerning some of our articles sold locally and abroad.