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Lagoon tuna net fishing  Very particular fishing trip in the lagoon of Moorea wher families help themselves to entice a wide bench of bonitos in their fishing nets.
Ume tare  You can see in this video the preparation of the Ume (fish spread in Polynesian waters) cooked on corals right on the floor. The video has been made on the island of Moorea.
Nicolas and his turtle  Nicolas, experimented diver, swims around a cluster of coral and meets a turtle. He is then going to feed it in a very original way.
Shark feeding  Here, Nicolas feeds a completely different aquatic specie. It is about reef sharks, more renowned for their quality of vultures thant predators
Whales  Place of idyllic bathing, Moorea posseses a rich lagoon where we can make a very beautifull meetings. In this video we can perceive a whale and his calf swimming near a group of divers.
Underwater kiss  Amire these two vahine (tahitian words for girls) swimming and mixing between submarine flaures and faunea.
Handycraft hat Bora Bora This video will show you how to braid in the polynesian way. By using sheets of palm trees and coconut tree's palm, this woman succeed in making a beatifull hat.
Tamure fish  Here is a very spectacular aquatic balet in the lagoon of the island of Moorea in whom we can see a multitude of fishes swimming under a polynesian rhythm.
Lagoon house  This video is the presentation of the dugout Vaimoanatea created by Teva SYLVAIN. A bungalow was built on it and allows it to cross distances wich the simple models could not carry out.
Tavae  Here is a short footage about the fisherman of mahi-mahi, Tavae, who in 2001, after a damage of engine on his boat,had derived during 118 days before agrounding on the island of Aitutaki, 1200 kilometers from his  point of departure.