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Henri Pouliquen "Mister Diver"

It is difficult to speak of a personage like Henri Pouliquen, who has reigned over the Polynesian marine depths for nearly three decades. We have chosen to allow one of his close friends to speak for him. His name is André Vedrines, honorary president of the F.F.E.S.S.M. (French Federation of Undersea Studies and Sports).
When I made the acquaintance of Henri Pouliquen in 1969, he had just returned to France after a sojourn on Madagascar where, as director of the military diving club at Tananarive, he had trotted his bottles all around the "Grand Ile" and the not too distant Comores. He had discovered, after Tunisia, the tropic seas that have impassioned him all his life. Occasionally, pure luck offers us the opportunity to encounter on our route a leader of men. Henri is a prime example of that rare complementarity of head and legs that can make an athlete a born organizer. He founded the Subaqua Club of Chartres in 1969 and developed the activities of the Federation Française d'Etudes et de Sports Sous-Marin in this continental region. After this, he assumed responsibility for the dive center of the armed forces sports school at Fontainebleau from 1971 to 1975.
Named regional instructor in 1976, we find him directing the dive centers of the CEP, the Center for Experiments in the Pacific, the command organization for the nuclear testing program in the remote Tuamotu. He held this position until 1978. The following year, as president of the diving club Corail Sub de Tahiti, he established an extraordinary dive school for children, now known throughout the world. Profiting from the beauty of the islands and mildness of the Polynesian lagoon waters, he employed his teaching instincts to maximum advantage, to the joy and wonder of his young students. At the more personal level, he finally became competent to express his photographic talent.
Henri no longer counts his dives. However, his dive book shows more than 2500 dives on the atoll of Hao, 800 dives around Rangiroa and more than 20,000 subaquatic registrations either on Tahiti or Moorea.
Since 1960, the year of his first dive in Tunisia, Henri has made more than 30,000 dives, 12,000 of which were with with children.
Henri is president of the regional technical commission of the Polynesian committee of the FFESSM and certified a national instructor for this same federation.

A well filled resumé

- National instructor -- BEES 2
- President of the CTR French Polynesia Committee
- Member of the executive committee
- President of the junior Club Corail Sub
- Director of Tahiti Plongée
- Began diving in 1960
- Celebrated his 30,000th dive at the end of 1999
- In 1979 he created the first diving school for children
- Specialized in the training of divers and monitors at all levels of competence
- Directed a dive center open all year long
- Organizes diving courses for children during the school vacations
- Henri Pouliquen directs the most important dive center in French Polynesia and assures the training of instructor-monitors of top quality.

Contact: (689) 410 062 or 436 251